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The Fech Mission is to build the best owner-operator local-area delivery-network, throughout the whole of Australia by December 2023.

As a Not-For-Profit, purpose-driven enterprise, is a new Australian initiative with a Two-Year Mission to recruit
an owner-operator network of delivery drivers, to become the fastest and safest delivery network in Australia. We will establish the best Delivery Platform that offers huge savings for consumers by December 2025. 

Our Mission is simple and easy to achieve when owner-operators group together and are empowered with the tools they need to take control of their business. Fech is calling out for those looking for new opportunities in business. 

With the Fech Platform, the middle-man is removed and you can now start your own Home-Delivery business Direct as a Shop Owner and/or connect as a Owner-Operator Driver and put control and profits back in your pocket. The Fech Sales Channel will drive Local Sales to your business at no cost through the local Marketing machine powered by MailPost – The best Google rated Print Media Distribution enterprise in Australia.

As each Shop Owner promotes their “order-direct-from-us” delivery service on, more and more consumers will be attracted to the everyday low take-away prices offered on this platform. This means that Fech will be the food ordering platform of choice for consumers sooner than what the incumbents expect.

If you are not on … you could be missing out on valuable orders and huge savings!
Talk to us now and be apart of the solution to stop price-hiking on food delivery and get your orders delivered fast and fast!