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Fech is an all-Australian initiative to assist up to 100,000 Small Business and help to De-Centralise Home Delivery

Simply put, is a new Australian alternative food delivery platform, allowing customers to pay the “same as in-store takeaway prices” eliminating the need for shop owners to jack up consumer pricing. 

Fech is the world’s first, “Software-as-a-Service”, e-Commerce Marketplace & Delivery Platform that allows you to become once again, the master of your own business.   

Shop Owners get to keep their customer data, allowing Australian small business to prosper

Establishing the best de-franchised dedicated driver network

Customers stop paying jacked up menu prices and enjoy the "same as in-store takeaway prices"


1. Choose your food and place your order

2. Restaurant prepares your order

3. Track the location of your order with GPS

4. Your food gets delivered

FECH is a Not-For-Profit initiative that aims to stop consumer price-hiking

FECH TECHNOLOGY is hosted by BTE AUSTRALIA (a registered “Not-For-Profit”) company and commercially licensed to operate through FECH AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED.

This is why using the platform is a real low-cost service and is purpose-driven to help Australian business. Together with its Australian Logistics & Media Partners, (MailPostSaveOnPrint) Fech will offer you unheard-of marketing benefits for your business that can increase your sales dramatically. Fech will also help your customers to re-order more often as shop prices are fair market prices, the “same as in-store takeaway prices”, without the need for price-hiking! 

Why FECH is different from other Delivery Services:

“With reduced retail prices and delivery fees from just $5.99, customers will return to FECH instead of other price-hiked platforms knowing they get fast and proessional delivery and can save more money on their orders.”

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