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First impressions are critical in business. We're here to make sure yours is a standout success!

Print is one of the key successes of your letterbox distribution campaign, from the thickness of the stock to the quality of the paper and the last finishes of coating. We will provide quality full-colour printing and competitive prices to match. Let’s view our Print Media products below….

Our Products

Fech JP Brochure

Despite the rise of digital media, there's still a big opportunity for print media to engage customers on a deeper level. The Fech JP Brochure targets 5,000 homes every month and is cost-effective.

Fech Weekly Taster Special

Fech Weekly Taster Specials are deep discounted offers that encourage local to taste your menu. This can increase the "frequency of spending" by your customers.

Your Personalised Flyers

We can help you create your own personalised flyers printed in full colour. We can also organise distribution for you as we have partnered with MailPOST, the only 5-star Googled rated Distribution company in Australia.

Want it all but can't afford the upfront costs?

Opt in for our Fech General Advertising Fund (GAF) and contribute just 18% of your sales to cover the cost of the Fech JP Brchure and the Fech Weekly Taster Special, so you don’t have to pay the cost upfront! Find out ore about our General Advertising Fund below.

Fech JP Brochure

The Fech JP Brochure is cost shared with 6 other advertisers in your local area, which means multiple brand exposures and better brand effect. As 6 offers are better than one, the brochure aims to achieve a higher retention rate with consumers and will maximise your return on investment by reducing your costs. It’s hassle free to you and unbeatable value for a complete direct mail marketing campaign, with professional graphic design, full colour print on high quality paper and superior distribution.  This will increase brand presence and awareness of your business as an aggressive and competitive force in the market.

Fech Weekly Taster Special

Fech Weekly Taster Specials are brochures that can increase the “frequency of spending” by your customers, through offering Deep Discounted offers that cover your cost of goods, whilst getting locals to try new dishes. We will deliver 1,000 flyers for 12 weeks, reaching thousands of homes in your local area. You can advertise 12 different taster specials, allowing the customers in your local area to get a “taste” of your dishes and entice them to re-purchase again. 


Your Own Personalised Flyers

Have your own personalised flyers designed and created to suit your needs. Let us know what you would like and our team of graphic designers will create your flyers for you. We will print and distribute your flyers to every household in your selected area, allowing you to reach thousands of new local customers. 

*Prices based on standard walking areas. Pricing subject to change per area.