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Have you got the gift of communicating and helping people?

If you recognise a great opportunity and would love to earn money helping local businesses, then enquire about our ambassador program below…



Work in a $2.6billion industry

Unite small businesses

Help STOP consumer price-hiking

The Fast Food Delivery Industry in Australia is estimated to be worth around $2.6 Billion per year and the current discontent with the incumbents has created a massive opportunity for people with business development skills to gather unhappy shop owners to the FECH Platform.

The exciting part of our Ambassador programme is that it is a win-win for you, the shop owners and couriers that you join-up to this unique Platform. FECH was created to STOP PRICE HIKING to consumers and to assist local businesses, to rid themselves over time of the high costs charged by profit-driven, delivery platforms. This can be done as BTE AUSTRALIA is a “Not-for-Profit” enterprise that is purpose-driven to help small business in Australia and to unite everyone involved. 

This unity includes you and the professional services you can provide the SME sector, giving you a window of opportunity to get in early before this space becomes more competitive. You can be a first-mover in a growing, lucrative market that is about to explode even further with the unique FECH offering in Australia.


As an Ambassador for FECH, you can BE YOUR OWN BOSS and earn a great income in excess of six figures by following our step-by-step programme for joining new businesses and drivers to the FECH Platform. As a not-for-profit enterprise, FECH offers a generous cut of revenue to the Business Development Team. We consider Business Development to be the source and creation of any business and you will always be in a culture of appreciation for the services you provide your FECH stakeholders.

As an Ambassador, you will be given the opportunity to exponentially increase your earnings with Media and Marketing products through our Partners and the world-class training they provide.

Furthermore, you may progress your career with an opportunity to earn and own a Licensed Territory, that receives multiple streams of income and a much higher income base through the ownership of your own Prime Fecher Team of Delivery Drivers. The Delivery market is about to explode and now is the right timing and opportunity to earn a rewarding income and equity in this space.

We can show you how to start building Australia’s next Big Food Delivery and e-Commerce Platform in your Local Area and secure a share of this lucrative market without any cost to you.

Join us today and we will show you how your income possibilities are Limitless!