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Fech allows you to regain control of your business back from the corporate internationals who essentially own your customer data. Customer data has the potential to help increase revenue and profits, by better understanding your customer’s and their behaviour. Many business owners do not entirely appreciate the value of owning your own data and are surprised to learn how little control they have over their own data from the corporate internationals. 

Why do you need to own your data?

Owning your own data adds to your company’s long term value and gives you competitive advantages. Your customer data is the corporate international portals’ DIGITAL GOLD! Whoever owns the data, owns the business. Having access to and owning your own data can assist you to make well informed decisions about marketing and re-marketing. Business owners must assert ownership of their data as if it were worth gold, because it is. 

How we help you take control of your customer data

SMS Marketing

Engage with active customers and upsell existing customers with SMS Marketing.

Email Marketing

Send personalised and targeted email campaigns to your customers.

Customer Relationships

With access to your own customer data, you can build better customer relationships and encourage customer loyalty.

Get 100 Fech customers and we will connect you to your customers for FREE with our SMS and Email Re-Marketing Platform, Mailchimp.

Fech allows you full access to your customers online through Mailchimp, an all-in-one Marketing platform that allows you to connect with customers through SMS and Email Marketing strategies. Fech assists you to connect with your own customer database and to regain control of your data from the corporate international portals.

Engage your customers with Email content and SMS messages to communicate your brand and any special offers you may want to promote on a regular NON-STOP basis.

Email and SMS Re-Marketing is a cost-effective form of communication between your brand and your customers. This low-cost and reliable solution will help build brand-effect in the minds of your customers and accelerate your business profits..

You can choose between a DIY Marketing Program or have us do it all for you professionally. Design, Copy, Admin and Analytics consulting is all included in the one low price of just $220 per month.

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