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BTE Australia is a Not-For-Profit

professional Fintech company


The Fech Platform is operated by BTE AUSTRALIA… a Professional Fintech Social Enterprise (Not-For-Profit) that specialises in Payment Gateway systems, Big-Data, eCommerce and Artificial Intelligence. This is why we can offer you this real low-cost service, yet provide you with all the Technology and Marketing benefits offered by the international portals, with much much more. 

Fech is also partnering with MailPost, the only five-star distribution delivery network in Australia, to create FechPost as a Not-For-Profit Social Enterprise. Rest assured, we have the know-how and experience to establish a world-class scalable platform at a lower cost than most corporations. 

Our research also shows that to host an enterprise grade eCommerce Marketplace and Delivery Platform for your business like Fech, it would have a a raw cost of around $600 per month for up to 2,000 monthly orders and deliveries per store. Large delivery companies have this sort of expenditure as an average group-cost per store. 

However, for the average shop doing around 600 orders per month on an average sale of $50, you would not be paying $12,750 to the multinational portals, but rather only a fraction of that, with over 96% in savings.     


Fech simply provides you with all the Technology and Marketing Tools you need to win your business back from the unfair stronghold of multi-nationals and increase your profit margins.