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Together with its affiliated Australian Media and Marketing Companies, Fech will offer you unheard-of marketing benefits for your business and help you to drive more sales with higher profit margins. We offer print media solutions for local area marketing and aswell as digital media solutions. 

Fech Joint Promotions

The Fech JP Brochure is a full coloour printed brochure that targets 5,000 homes every month aiming to achieve higher retention rates with consumers and it is cost-effective.

Landing Pages

A landing page helps you get more leads and more sales by using a direct 'order now' button to create an instant sale, whilst by-passing the main search engine and all other shops listed on Fech.

Responsive Websites

Creating a professional, mobile responsive website that gives a great first impression and helps you convert more leads and more sales is only the beginning.

Fech Weekly Taster Special

The Fech Weekly Taster Special is a printed brochure that can increase 'frequency of spending' by your customers, through offering Deep Discounted food dishes to entice locals to taste your menu.

Social Media

We can help you with Social Media Campaigns that have the potential todleiver targeted leads to your business, giving you the opportunity to convert more prospects into sales.

Email & SMS Marketing

Fech allows you full access to your customers online and eables you to connect with your customer database through Email and SMS Re-Marketing.

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Drive more conversions and sales with a Sales or Landing Page.
A great landing page can win the hearts of prospective customers and skyrocket your conversion rate.

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Opt in for our General Advertising Fund (GAF) and contribute just 18% of your sales to cover the cost of selected marketing products, so you don’t have to pay upfront. Find out more about our General Advertising Fund below.

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