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Owner Operated Network

GPS Tracked

Fast and Reliable Delivery

Customer Interaction

The Best Last Mile Delivery Network in Australia

Our owner-operator Courier Network is the most professional and reliable delivery service. 

Our Owner-Operator Couriers are also known as “Prime Fechers” and are your dedicated delivery drivers in your area. This means that they are the Local Delivery Manager for your region and are contactable, ensuring your food is always delivered fast and efficiently. A Prime Fecher will not only deliver for you, but will also promote with local area marketing flyers distributed to thousands of homes every month. 

All deliveries are GPS Tracked on our app so the consumer has peace of mind. Our platform is highly interactive, allowing the shop owner and the customer to directly interact and contact the Courier should they need too. Our Owner-Operator Model is revolutionary, ensuring Shop Owners that their meals are getting delivered to their customers as a priority!